Local sake that enjoys the climate and environment of Toyama

Toyama has a unique environment surrounded by steep mountains that stretch from Noto Peninsula and Toyama Bay in the north, Tateyama in the east to folds in the south, and Hakusan in the west.

The Kurobe-Hayatsuki system has a large amount of minerals that flow through the crystalline schist belt created by the Tateyama orogenic movement, and calcium deposition can occur in a year.

The Joganji and Jintsugawa rivers flow in the outskirts of the granite belt and the gneiss belt, and contain an appropriate amount of minerals in soft water.

The Shogawa water system flows through an igneous rock belt without a crystalline gneiss belt, so it is a soft water with a particularly low mineral content.

The Yogawa river system flows through sandstone and mudstone zones and is characterized by a large amount of sodium.