Our way of thinking about sake


  • Sake and people meet each other once in a while
  • Sake and people change upon encounter
  • There are reasons why both sake and people should be born



Our history

From my grandfather’s birth, in 1883,

I hear that my great-grandfather Takejiro, the second generation, was working on sake.

In the Taisho and early Showa eras, a fairly large advertisement was placed at the bottom of the local newspaper.

In the advertisement, Toyo Brewery Kirin Beer agency Teraki Takejiro Shoten was written.

After the war, it was burnt to the ground by an air raid, but as a collection under the guidance of the authorities,

Integrated with Toyama Sake Brewing Co., Ltd. and then dissolved.

The retail department is Terashima Shoten Co., Ltd. since July 1991.

The brewing license has been taken over by Toki no Ya

Starting from May 17, 2003, only one company (combined) can be established in Japan

It is the present as “a limited company Toki no ya”.

有限会社 てらしま 寺島酒店 有限会社 ときの舎
〒9300038 1-1-4 Midoricho, Toyama City, Toyama Prefecture

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