Sake of individuality, the basic three sake

Liquor play 1, 2, 3

Japanese cuisine has been registered as a World Heritage Site.

The basic idea of Japanese cuisine is Gomi = Zen.

People who think sweetness, acid, salt, bitterness, and umami are the mainstream of Gomi today.

Wine is made up mainly of sweet, acid and bitter taste shamisen.

Sake is mainly composed of four flavors: sweet, acid, bitter and umami.

Therefore, wine should be searched for lacking taste, umami (amino acid) and saltiness among the five tastes.

It has a unique compatibility with cheese that contains it as a main component.

For sake, the one that is lacking in the five flavors is salty.

Therefore, most of the sake is salty.



The taste of rice……
A pure rice liquor brewed to contain a large amount of glucose, which is incorporated into yeast by the amylase produced by koji. 15 degrees alcohol. Sake degree minus 50. The acidity is set to 2.0. Made of malted rice.

Acid taste……
We brewed so that the proportion of lactic acid in the organic acids is especially high. 15 degrees alcohol. Brewed with an acidity of 4.0 (similar to wine). It is adjusted with sake maker and pure rice sake.

Old sake……
15 degrees alcohol. Acidity 1.8. Sake degree +2 has been set. Aged for 10 years.