The reason why people value taste

To feel the five basic tastes for humans,

Necessary to avoid dangerous foods and safely consume nutrients,

It is an essential feeling for life support.

The acidity of organic acids with unripe fruits and spoilage,

By sensing bitterness such as alkaloids,

You can avoid the danger.

On the contrary, the sweetness of sugar, which is the source of energy,

If you feel the saltiness of the minerals necessary to maintain the balance of body fluids,

Will actively take in.

Umami informs the body that it has taken protein

Plays the role of a signal.

By feeling umami, saliva and digestive juices are secreted,

You can smoothly digest the protein.

Here’s one important thing.

The taste tells the brain that “things that can be taken into the body” = “sweet”.

For example, small amounts of minerals, salt, etc.

It is so common that the word “Shiokan” is approved.

I will write about sourness, umami, sweetness, bitterness and saltiness.