Sake to enjoy the flow of time………

The taste created by the power of time…

What makes distilled liquor delicious over time is

Alcohol molecules grow using water molecules.

Therefore, it is not absorbed through the stomach wall or the like, but is mainly absorbed through the intestine.

Therefore, it becomes a sickness.


Also, it has water molecules, and it can decompose alcohol.

It doesn’t dry the throat because it doesn’t take water from the liver.

It looks a little sticky.

Sake is a protein that has not been decomposed by brewing,

Starch, amino acids with smaller sugars,

It becomes glucose and creates a new umami, while at the same time combining sugar and amino acids,

Creates aroma, sweetness and bitterness similar to caromel called Sotron,

Creates a fascinating taste and aroma like chocolate.

For the purposes of its appearance, it turns into a deep brown, thick liquid.